Flames of Giving

   One small gift. Two happy hearts. 


Refer A Recipient

Three Easy Steps To Refer A Needy Recipient

Click here to contact us at Flames of Giving.

If you are an organization, let us know about the people you help. 
Gifts are provided with total confidentiality and anonymity.  We do not meet the recipients or know their identity.  We need just a brief profile of the person (sex, age, situation) and the gift they request.

• If you are a caring neighbor who personally knows someone going through challenging times, get in contact with us at Flames of Giving and give us a brief description of their situation and we will  place them on our list.

2. Select a gift for the recipient that you feel they could use and will bring  joy to them this holiday season.

3.  Delivery of the gift(s) will be discussed on a case by case  basis.

To start a Flames of Giving Program in your local area is easy. 
For more information, the simple steps to get started and for support through your creating process
click here to contact us at Flames of Giving.

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