Flames of Giving

   One small gift. Two happy hearts. 


Provide A Gift

Four Easy Steps In Providing a Holiday Gift For A Needy Person

1 Click here to contact Flames Of Giving for a profile list of the neighbors who are in need of a holiday gift.

2. Review the list and pick someone who touches your heart who you want to purchase the gift they have requested.

3.  Contact us at Flames of Giving with the person(s) you have selected.  Each person has a "flame number" next to their profile.  Please send us the flame
number(s) of the person you selected.

4.  Purchase the requested gift (s) as soon as possible. 
    *  The deadline for the gift is listed in the Flames of Giving recipient profile. 
    *  Please wrap (or not) gift according to directions on the recipient profile. 
    *  Once your gift is purchased, please contact us so we can arrange
        for you to drop off gift or mail it to the Wayne, New Jersey 

We thank you so very much for supporting this very special community service project and for making a difference in another person's life.

To start a Flames of Giving Program in your local area is easy, fun and enormously rewarding.  For more information, the simple steps to get started and for support through your creating process, click here to contact us at Flames Of Giving.


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